Johanne Ib

Johanne Ib. Concept and communication designer


Johanne Ib is a concept and communication designer, particularly interested in exploring the common third, rituals, and future scenarios. She holds degrees from Design School Kolding, Design Academy Eindhoven, and Listaháskóli íslands.

She has worked for and collaborated with a wide range of actors in the cultural world, and her passion lies in orchestrating meaningful encounters between people, whether at large events or intimate gatherings.

At the core of Johanne’s practice is her Food Design Lab, where she investigates potential future scenarios through collaborative experiments and knowledge production. Using participatory design and performance theory, she examines what makes food experiences meaningful and their role in promoting social interaction.

Studies show that community is an essential part of many people’s food culture. But our food culture is under pressure, with more and more people eating alone and many feeling lonely around the dinner table.

Over the last years, Johanne has worked with different approaches and perspectives on the theme of food and everything connected with it, based on a conceptual point of view and with a focus on supporting interaction between people. She designs concepts that can be used for creation and as conversation tools around food experiences, often emphasizing the importance of senses, presence, care, and shared time when eating, both on a large scale in the hospitality industry and on a smaller scale around the dinner table.