Jasper Udink Ten Cate

JASPER UDINK TEN CATE. Artist, Designer, Musician, Creative Chef


Jasper is a well known artist and designer from the Netherlands and founder of the multidisciplinary studio Creative Chef. All of his work is connected with food and is shown around the world at exhibitions and museums like the Metropolitan New York and Beijing Design.

Jasper’s leadership style is that he likes to take action. He grows food in his garden with a hyperlocal mindset. He educates and shares his stories at schools and steps in as a food-consultant when a company is open for a change in their food behavior.

He creates inclusive artworks for blind people and uses food to ‘visualize’ the story he wants to tell. With a history as a chef, co founder of a chocolate factory, musician, cooking school and author Jasper now uses these skills to create immersive experiences that have the capacity to benefit collective stories that will help humanity to build a better future.