Jashan Sippy



Jashan Pravesh Sippy is a Mumbai-born and Belgium-based green-building certified architect, specialized in the design of spaces for food. He is the founder of Sugar and Space, a creative agency dedicated to transforming the way we perceive food everyday. The multi-disciplinary team of chefs, sustainability experts and designers create unconventional boutique spaces for food, conceptualize and curate bespoke eating experiences (independently as well as for other brands), work internationally with students of hospitality and design; and transform food waste into 3D print food.

After pursuing an M.Sc. in International Business from the HULT International Business School specializing in entrepreneurship in San Francisco, Jashan took on a management role at Candytopia, a made-for-Instagram pop up art installation inspired by candy – Willy Wonka in real life!

Jashan co-founded Barcelona-based Food Design Nation, a digital platform which connected 600+ global food creatives from 60+ countries to collaboratively design better futures of food. He is the founding editor of “FDzeeN: Art, Culture, and Design for Sustainable Food Systems”, and has served as the food and space correspondent for The Dutch Institute of Food & Design. Jashan served as Director at the Online School of Food Design, headquartered in Tuscany. He is currently spearheading the International Center for Food Design.