Cinzia Fontana

Cinzia Fontana. Food and sustainability designer. Food Innovator. Food Researcher. Design Thinking. Founder of Amò Food Design


Cinzia is the founder of Amo Food Design; she has spent the last 3 years researching food design and the overall food system. Cinzia is a designer, a teacher, a speaker and a researcher in food technologies, working in food design, food brand identity, sensorial food design and sustainability. Based in the UK, Cinzia works internationally, helping businesses with brand identity, food design development and design research. She has also been selected as a Mentor for the EIT Food “The Rising Food Stars” programme, where she helps start ups by sharing knowledge and experience in the food and design sectors.

Before founding her own company, Cinzia worked for more than 15 years as a lead designer and art director for brand and communication design, collaborating with international clients e.g. Citroen, Amazon, Walls. In 2017 Cinzia created a brand heritage DS 38 meter long graphic communication wall, for international festivals such as Taste of London and Taste of Dublin, the main sponsors of the events.

For the last 9 years she has helped mentor students from all over the UK as part of the Design Ventura Project for the Design Museum in London; helping children to discover their potential and creative mindset, guiding them through the creative process to design products, which, if selected, would be produced in the museum shop. Cinzia also coached young designers in the start to end design process while leading projects for international clients.

Cinzia has also been a lecturer for the Cappiello Academy, focusing on brand identity and packaging design and a teacher for Schools curriculum in Florence, dealing with experimental and sensorial food design.

Whilst working as a research chemist at Unilever, she became passionate about sustainability. As part of a focused team they developed new products and registered two new international patents, e.g. using natural based ingredients to substitute the microplastics in house cleaning products, to effectively reduce micro plastic particulates in the environment.

I have a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from I.S.I.A. Florence, Italy which focused on product design, production technologies, graphic design and food design, and a 5 years diploma in chemistry specialising in Deuterium.

I am always ready to enjoy a nice plate of ravioli and enjoy taking my dogs on long walks