Sara Roversi

Founder, Future Food Institute. Sara is an experienced entrepreneur and thought leader in the food ecosystem. As a seasoned growth expert, she works with globally-recognized, high-profile think tanks on setting the agenda for the sustainable food industry. Described as a game-changer who knows how to drive change, she has a flair for exploration and prosperity thinking. Over the past 10 years, she has focused on a mission to take food leaders and youth to the next phase of action through education, research projects, and innovation challenges.

In 2013, she founded Future Food: a purpose-driven ecosystem facilitating positive transformation in life on earth, promoting food innovation as a strategic element to achieve sustainable and impactful growth. She is the Italian Focal Point for the UNESCO network of the Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet, she recently co-founded the initiative and, among others, she is also a member of the Google Food Lab, B20 Task Force, and partner of the Food For Climate League.

Future Food’s mission is to make exponential positive change, in order to sustainably improve life on Earth, through education and innovation in the global food systems. Future Food is an inclusive network and inspirational platform that is sparking consciousness and transformation in the global food system, with an eye towards entrepreneurship.

At our core is the Future Food Institute – a center of excellence for food intelligence as well as a training platform for changemakers, climate shapers, and future leaders in the food innovation ecosystem. Combined with our Future Food Living Labs, we are accelerating transformational innovations that are revolutionizing the food ecosystem.