Nicole Vindel

Creative Director and Food Artist. Co-Founder of FDN Food Design Nation, and Co-Director of the OSFD Online School of Food Design.

Originally from Guatemala, Vindel currently resides in Barcelona where she established her studio more than four years ago. From there she develops new artistic narratives around food and its rituals, based on the deep exploration of different cultures.

Nicole has been described as a “Food Artist hungry for change” by Vogue Spain 2021. Her work explores the intersection between art and food, combining intellectual and formal beauty to generate collective awareness. Starting from an engineering background she merged her research in advanced materials with haute cuisine, where she is focused on reconnecting gastronomy to art through symbolism and critical thinking.

Vindel, co-founder of the artistic collective Random Happiness and Food Design Nation, works actively in co-creation projects, teaches at universities such as Elisava, IED or HIT; and has worked with entities as Celler de Can Roca, FoodCultura, and Tate Exchange.