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Hemos preparado esta Masterclass que te llevará por un viaje donde se unen la pasión y la tradición ronera de las mejores familias de rones añejos del mundo. Además de degustar el sabor, aroma y notas de cata de tres de nuestras referencias premium, no sólo conocerás más de Ron Abuelo y Panamá, sino que formarás de ahora en adelante parte de nuestra familia, La Familia Ron Abuelo!
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Cristobal Srokowski , born in Poland and raised on the Spanish Coast called «Costa Brava» , began his professional side with flairtending and tiki cocktails in Lloret de Mar, a famous touristic city of the north mediterranean coast. At just 19, he was managing the Lounge club on the beach in Malgrat de Mar, also in the Barcelona’s Coast, and soon became part of the team of one of the oldest and best cocktail bars in Barcelona : Harry’s Cocktail Bar, also recognized internationally as one of the best classic cocktail bars.

Meanwhile, Cristobal studied History and Philosophy at the Barcelona’s University; the target was to become a History Teacher! Is curious that he finally found the teaching side of the cocktail and rum world.

During his time in this flagship classic cocktail , Cristobal won twice the Catalonia IBA cocktail championship and in November 2012 became the champion of Spain ( Spain championship of the Federation of Spanish Barmans IBA ) Long Drink category . This allowed him to travel to Italy , where he trained at the Training Center IBA (International Bartenders Association) , by achieving the prestigious Elite JWC curse.

From the year 2012 , Cristobal Srokowski was incorporated to the large family Varela Hermanos SA as the Abuelo Rum Global Brand Ambassador directing the artistic and creative combination of exquisite drinks with the Varela family rum.

After all this years, Cristobal had the opportunity of meeting rewarded Master Blender and visiting rum distilleries for his investigation and apprenticeship. The complex world of sugar cane spirits gave him an infinite universe of possibilities and the last nomination as the Polish Rum Love Festiwal Ambassador is the perfect stage to share the rum passion in his mother country. Currently Cristobal is based in Italy and from Europe he travels the rest off the world. From China to Europe and from there to Panama , Cristobal currently conducts its work splitting his time by the 42 countries where the Abuelo Rum brand is present.