Ricardo Bonacho

Ricardo Bonacho has a degree in Communication Design, a post-graduate course in Communication Design and New Media, and a PhD in Design with a speciality in Food Design «Design Bites – The Practice of Design in Culinary Arts». He is a professor and member of the Scientific and Executive Commission of the Masters in «Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts» and «Food Design» at the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies in Portugal. He teaches Design Applied to Culinary and Restoration and Creativity and Food Design in several courses in Portugal.

He is a collaborating researcher at the Center for Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design at the Lisbon School of Architecture at the Universidade de Lisboa and consulting member of several publications related to Food Design and Food. In the context of non-academic professional activity, he develops training as a designer in communication design, being responsible for several projects in graphic design, packaging, editorial, institutional communication, interaction design and exhibitions.

In addition, he collaborates in the management, organization, and promotion of fine dining events in the catering industry in Portugal, and he is co-founder of FORK – Food Design for Opportunities, Research and Knowledge.