Ivana Carmen Mottola

Experience & Eating Designer. Specialized in innovation management, at the Sant’Anna / LaNormale in Pisa, in Food Experience Design at POLI.design, Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano and in Culinary Nutrition, at Cucina Evolution. Founding member of supperclub Italia, a visionary and newly conceived place, Founder and Creative Director of DesignFood.house, innovative startup thanks to Invitalia funding. Multisensorial and Eating Design Studio that deals with conceptual design aimed at places, atmospheres, emotional paths, Food through the organization of workshops and sensorial installations, eating design concepts and events.

Author of projects and concepts that have received wide recognition (including ADI), she is currently a lecturer and researcher in Food Design for universities and higher education institutions and collaborates with the Saperi & Co interdepartmental research and services center Sapienza University of Rome for the development of food concept & product. She has curated concepts and food experiences, events and training in international and multifaceted areas for many international institutions and brands. www.designfoodhouse.it

“Food design for me is a multi-disciplinary approach to food that analyzes its history, needs and interactions, interpreting the dichotomous changes that direct its production and consumption trends.

I design interactions and connections with and through food. My sensorial and synaesthetic research develops in experiential installations and tastings that aim to recreate ‘temporal spaces’ in which to stop time and recreate it, leaving room for conviviality: tactile and visual sociality, entertainment and representation. 

To explain my philosophy I played between word and craft, the letter S is Fil Ruouge of our vision design. Intertwining and a conceptual map resulting from the activity of these years and the insatiable desire to draw hidden and original stories. We present Creative expressions with strong roots in culture, Tradition and innovation that come together in a complete sensorial experience”.