Chazz Titus

Chazz Titus is a multidisciplinary professional with expertise in business consulting, management, strategy, gastronomy and food design. Chazz started cooking at a very young age. Inspired by the Cantonese cuisine of his mother, Vera, he learned French cooking from an early age under the tutelage of renowned Master Chef Rodolfo Samayoa.

After a long trajectory in Management and Strategic Business Consulting and his work with private equity firms in restructuring and M&A projects in Spain, Chazz decided to pursue his dream of cooking professionally due to his fascination with New Nordic Cuisine. In 2016, he moved to Copenhagen to work at renowned and game-changing restaurants like NOMA and Restaurant 108. It was there where he learned about world-class restaurant management, the philosophy behind the New Nordic Manifesto, and culinary techniques such as fermentation and flavour intensification.

Back in Madrid, he worked for prestigious restaurant groups, like Sala de Despiece and Grupo El Pradal, successfully professionalizing, restructuring and streamlining operations. 

During that time, Chazz collaborated with ¨We Crave¨ to design ¨Matter: Decoding Material Emotions¨, a pop-up of Experiential Gastronomy dinners. After Matter, he stepped in as a partner to perform the role of Chef+Innovation Strategist. His job focused on professionalizing and turning the business around through strategic management, designing Experiential Gastronomy concepts and promoting Gastrodiplomacy to unite cultures through gastronomy. 

In February 2021 Chazz partnered up with Antonio Barrera at Singular Foods, an incubator to new ideas and experiences where he is a Strategist and Food Designer. Nowadays, Chazz is launching iki Food Design Lab, Singular Food´s research and food innovation lab.

In addition, Chazz collaborates with prestigious strategy and innovation consulting firms, and at Bunny´s Deli, an icon in plant-based gastronomy in Madrid.